Jen sits at home to talk about how sick she is of talking about herself.  Jen talks about her new tour, where to see her in Los Angeles soon, being so done with the holidays, plays proof of her I Seem Fun episode prediction in 2015 of Putin stealing the election, and reads listener emails about people fearing 40 being too old to start a new life, a gay I Seem Funner wanting to meet a boyfriend at her show, and women who want to swing their dicks in 2017.  This episode is sponsored by

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This podcast is a weekly, Friday night bonus installment of “I Seem Fun” where Jen takes a half hour to talk about what happened in pop culture and politics this week that SHE cares about. This week Jen talks about what NYC could do with the $125 million it’s going to take to protect Trump, how Mrs. Knowles left social media after a controversial “like”, and how the French don’t have to return their work emails on weekends. 

I Seem Fun January 3rd, 2017 announcement.

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