Jen sits at home in her bed to talk to you about her stress over Earth and space trash, her hatred of thermoses, her complicated feelings around mugs, being a woman with a stainless steel carafe and no butler, how she didn’t know what parents were in Kindergarten, hometown Nazi’s. Jen gives some tough love to listeners on their rule breaking and tries to introduce a new “ask a pilot” segment.  AND it’s the PAPERBACK RELEASE DAY OF JEN’S BOOK – I CAN BARELY TAKE CARE OF MYSELF

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about how this episode almost didn’t get recorded due to time management, people who “meet” their babies, women singing Nirvana, and then Jen bursts into tears and tries to get through a story – a podcast first. Then things wrap up with some plugs for the live I Seem Fun podcast taping this Saturday April 19th in Austin, Texas at the North Door. 

Direct download: 47_JOAN_JETTING__WHO_S_CAR_ARE_WE_TAKIN_.mp3
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Jen sits at home to sing some Stevie Nicks, talks about feeling like an old car that only has a few good years left to drive the streets, her healing meditation/fantasy about having dinner with the Clintons, a tale of high school heartbreak, being neurotic, loud, and alienating to men and her first singing gig in New York City as an audience member of the Jenny Jones show.

Direct download: 46_JUST_LIKE_THE__ONE-WING__DOVE.mp3
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Jen sits on stage from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to tell you about her new friend she made on the 15 hour plane ride, managing to find small talk at a doctor’s office in Melbourne and desperately wanting to be a regular at her new favorite wine bar.  Also – special surprise guest Wil Anderson joins to tell us what he finds fun that his friend’s don’t. (*Re-upload)

Direct download: 45_Live_From_Melbourne_Australia.mp3
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about – how she tried to tape a live podcast episode in Grand Rapids, Michigan but there were technical and creative difficulties.  One question from a listener gets answered with the help from a live audience and Jen explains how she was on a plane that had engine trouble but it wasn’t a big deal. This episode is definitely a little dis-jointed.  Don’t start with this one first time listeners!

Direct download: 44_Friday_Night_Not_So_Live.mp3
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Jen sits in her home to talk to you about – traveling to Boston, NYC and Chicago all in one weekend for whirlwind-y fun comedy shows, a Boston Globe critic who needs love, finally reading the Morrissey autobiography and going down the rabbit-hole again of thinking of him often -  and where the hell is that missing plane?

Direct download: 43_Sweet_Thirty-Nine_Nothings.mp3
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about – how to make Leonard Cohen fun, her annoying strangers with small-talk, don’t talk to women alone at night, TV failures and reviews Oscar speeches from the 1970’s.

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about her silly frustrations with people’s inability to Google information, in honor of what would be Kurt Cobain’s 47th birthday tells about the time she prank called Kurt and her delusions that she’d go on tour as Nirvana’s opening act.  Also a letter from an I Seem Fun-ner poses the question – was Jen his surly waitress twenty years ago?

Direct download: 41_Feel_The_Love_Buzz.mp3
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about – some vague honesty around friendships ending, spending Valentine’s day in Las Vegas seeing Britney Spears alone and a brief installment of Keeping Up With The Kirkman’s with Jen’s parents.

Direct download: 40_It_Never_Rains_in_California.mp3
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Jen sits on stage at the Brava theatre to talk to you about....the death of her fear of flying coach, women in Saudi Arabia who work in lingerie stores as compared to women in America who go on the Bachelor, reads an email from someone with an impossible love question and musical guest is Brendan Hines singing songs from his album Small Mistakes.

Direct download: 39_LIVE_FROM_SAN_FRANCISCO.mp3
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