Jen sits at home to talk about her good memories working on Chelsea Lately, saying good bye, how she got the job, quit and came back and the personal life stuff that was going on behind the scenes.

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about what Robin Williams as an off-stage persona meant to comedians, there is little talk of depression and stuff like that – this is an episode about doing the work as a comic, Jen bombing in front of an 80’s comedy icon at the Improv last week, and an overly chatty physical therapist who rather than discussing tight hamstrings committed the cardinal sin of quoting other comedian’s material to a comedian first thing in the morning.

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Jen sits in her bed to read listener emails.  The questions instigate talk of prized possessions at home, does Jen feel like everyone getting married is making a mistake?, the secrets of make-up and a young listener wants to know why he’s striking out with older women. 

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Jen sits in a new location in her home to talk to you about why she loves fashion and hopes to not grow into a lonely lady with coats, a gay assistant and cards from fans.  There’s also talk of why this episode might be boring, someone on a plane who said she should be a lounge singer and a tale of TSA agents who truly seemed fun.

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Jen sits at home to try her hand at the first of some bonus listener email episodes! Listener emails prompt talk about how to confront loud neighbors, what’s more fun – sports with strangers or indifferent wine-tasting friends, keeping your name after marriage, and how Drunk History actually works.

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Jen sits in bed to tell you about being tired, redeeming herself as a comedian in Florida, people who come up to her and say accidentally insulting things, letting down an audience member, regretting a televised drug joke, flying Klonopin-free, a raw fish obsessed cab driver and seeing a sassy, gay palm reader in New Orleans.  Jen reads a letter from an aspiring stand-up and she gives no-advice advice.

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Jen sits in bed in the morning to talk to you about her recent trip to Dublin including Oscar Wilde worship, a drunken night that ended in a stolen kiss and stolen donut, pissing off the Irish, doing a comedy festival, and seeing a psychic who predicted that a seven year adventure is about to begin.

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Jen sits in bed and dissects a Johnny Mathis song before diving into reading listener emails that lead to talk of unrequited love, waiting for time to pass, golf courses, a Comic-Con visit, Would You Rather, driving with anxiety and horrible fashion trends.

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Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to tell you about her week in New York City, her 17th anniversary of being a stand-up, answers the question of how she started and talks about some badass acting teacher at an otherwise bs college experience.

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Jen sits in bed at a hotel on her vacation to her hometown to talk to you about watching Christmas movies on July 4th in the rain, getting caught singing Alanis by room service, a weekend of “synergy” involving exes, Tinder and a skunked bottle of old wine as well as discusses her gratitude for a future in stand-up after having a writing job for a while and finally reads an email from an Australian listener who thinks he isn’t meditating correctly.

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