Jen sits in the tub and then her bed in a disjointed episode that addresses Caitlyn’s haters, the Live Laugh Love Woman doesn’t have Netflix, preparing for Conan, hitting the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, reunited again with the ol’ friend and Jen’s dad weighs in via email on the football scandal “Deflate-Gate.”

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about her fear of new listeners, being snippy on an airplane, Bruce-hate on her Instagram, avoiding Memorial Day BBQ’s, and a visit from the F The Haterz Girl. 

Direct download: 94_ANGEL_OF_THE__MOANING_.mp3
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Jen sits in bed all cranky to explain that sometimes a woman forgets that her period isn’t internal bleeding and freaks out, shoe compliments in North Carolina, and reads some listener emails from people who are fighting against unsolicited advice and trips to Hawaii. 

Direct download: 93_SERENITY_NOW-ISH.mp3
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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about mis-reading tour manuals in Cairns, cable cars, rainforest railways, snorkles at the Great Barrier Reef, loving crocodiles more than dogs, comedian bonding, bridges and a weird personal review of Montage of Heck.

Direct download: 92_Part_2___Australia_Tales__The__Good__Barrier_Reef.mp3
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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about the first leg of her trip in Australia, being back in America, weird table service in Australia, Bondi beach dreams dashed and fringe jumpsuit freedom. 

Direct download: 91_Part_1__Australia_Tales_and_Coming_Back_to_America.mp3
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Jen sits in her hotel room and talks into her phone in Melbourne, Australia to tell her young male Twitter followers how it really is to be someone with ovaries in show business, Madonna’s “gross” kiss, and her stand-up debut and that there are no kangaroos in the city.

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Jen sits on stage at the Town Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to tell tales of lonely crocodiles, an aquarium worker who epitomizes Australian cliches, bad Australian accent attempts, an eclipse, Kurt Cobain’s feminism, Easter, and reads a letter from a new pilot listener.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:53pm PDT

Jen  sits at home to talk to you about how she's about to get on a plane to Australia, her vast knowledge of how people die on airplanes, getting her hair blown-out before a flight to look fabulous while in fear or in an unfortunate event, a warning to Australian reviewers about calling her "vulgar" and tales of anesthesia.

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about why she once thought ducks equaled class, how she dislikes being judged by sushi lovers, how editing a book works, Madonna’s tears, members of Nirvana on her office couch, and a few listener emails are read.

Direct download: 87_DUCK_FACTORIES_AND_SUSHI.mp3
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More Listener Emails!
Jen sits at home to read emails from listeners that spark discussions of how to win at job interviews, going to concerts alone, is Boston scary?, a Pakistani Led Zep cover band’s dreams dashed, having no work ethic, a happy hour meet-up with an ex, and the ISF Pilot gives perspective on unlikely crashes due to turbulence.

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