Jen talks to you from her bedroom in L.A. about how “cooking” dinner is her vacation, explains the real life Live Laugh Love women in her life, talks to her dad on the phone as he reviews a Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins concert that he saw, then talks to her mom who after seeing Boy George live in concert, has decided that she’s “all about love.”

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Jen sits on stage live from the Montreal Comedy Festival to talk about how she isn't the biggest Bruce fan, John Mellencamp's cigarette habit and love life, and her trip to the Canadian ER for actual dehydration, exhaustion and how she just said no to morphine.

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Jen sits at home and records this episode in advance to talk to you about taking a surfing lesson when she didn’t even know how to swim, and tales of a sixth grade talent show and a bunch of east coasters wanting to be “California Girls.”

Direct download: 101_TURF_OVER_SURF.mp3
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Jen sits at home in bed, on July 4th, and records some of the bomb-tastic sounds of the city as she avoids having traditional “fun”, the F*** The Haters girl reveals her name.  Jen continues to talk about the perils of small talk when traveling, toothless cab drivers, prop planes, a pilates class bonds in hatred, people who think network executives hand out TV shows, The Supreme Court’s ruling on “lonely single people”, and the lasting impression about how she’s romantically wired from a first love with the town rebel at age fifteen.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:00pm PDT

Jen sits at home to tell you what this episode is going to be about and never gets around to it, reads sad You Tube comments from people in mourning under do-wop songs, a gossiping gyno, Benifer, celebrities on Twitter, disagreeing on the Sexiest Men Alive, listener emails with thoughts on the blind lady, and more #kirkmansummer

Direct download: 99_Never_Got_Around_To_It.mp3
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Jen sits in bed to incorrectly predict that this will be a “good episode” and also talks about her road rules, bad camera angles, how feminists can talk about weight, the nuance of forgiveness, Seal Team Six, not trusting government’s stories, camel toe, dogs in exercise class, and a pro-shark stance.

Direct download: 98_I_SEE_ALL_SIDES.mp3
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Jen sits in a hotel room to ask you guys to use an obnoxious hashtag #kirkmansummer in an effort towards this summer’s tour. You’re all fun and maybe you have some dumb friends! You’ll hear what I’s a bit of an announcement but it’s a fun one. Think of it as a mini episode!

Direct download: I_SEEM_FUN_CALL_TO_ACTION.mp3
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Jen sits at home and in bed to babble about her upcoming mid-west tour, the history of cat and women hating, a blind lady who may have been annoying, listener emails, a 9/11 drunk love story, the Live Laugh Love Woman hates Jen’s watch, and seeing a plane fly next to a plane.

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:00pm PDT

Jen sits at home in bed to talk to you about getting snippy with people trying to prevent drug abuse outside of a Starbucks, The Davy Jones episode of the Brady Bunch, tales of her parents partying with her friends, and Jen decides to forgo her normal rule of waiting a year to tell you about her personal life as she drops some self-gossip about a chance meeting going long distance.This episode of I Seem Fun is sponsored by!

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