Jen sits on stage LIVE from the Hollywood Improv Lab to talk to the audience about Corey, Courtney, being shamed on Instagram by her followers for her personal tastes, college kids who need counseling over costumes, Daylight Savings Time, a Golden Girls episode about assisted suicide, listener emails - including a new one from the I Seem Fun Official Airline Mechanic. The end of the episode (not in the live show) Jen reads two articles in her continuing election season special bonus minutes

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Jen sits at home to wonder if anyone even listens to the podcast anymore as she discusses the dumb remarks made by a male TV exec last week, deals with a visit from the F The Haters girl, reads listener emails from one possibly rude person, someone who cried at Sully, and someone who is trying to find friends on Craigslist.
At minute 47 the regular podcast ends and Jen reads two articles that she hopes her Third Party Voters will listen to:
“The Lousy Reason I Didn’t Vote in 1968 - And Why Sanders Supporters Shouldn’t Fall For it” by Michael Ansara on
“An Eight Point Brief For LEV (Lesser Evil Voting)” by John Halle & Noam Chomsky on

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Jen sits at home to talk about the conspiracy theories behind her podcast, the myth of Hollywood liberals, a man who was afraid of a woman’s amenity kit on a flight, the details of her comedy special taping in NYC, taking steroids and loving it, and a warning to a dermatologist who contacted her on Instagram for Botox.

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This episode of I Seem Fun is very special because Jen sits in the All Things Comedy Studio - not alone but with a guest for a conversion. “They Seem Fun” is going to be a new sometimes addition to the I Seem Fun podcast - bonus episodes if you will and I know you will. But this week since we needed the content - I’m putting it up as a regular episode. Please welcome my guest Dan Bucatinsky as we discuss, what is real success, the worst ways to die, growing up in the real world, wanting to stay in reality, going to therapy, and so much more. Please excuse that I say “yeah” a lot when I listen. TERRIBLE habit. Won’t happen again.

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Jen sits on stage at the Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR for her first live I Seem Fun taping at a proper comedy club!  She tells the epic tale of being kicked out of a restaurant for wanting to order off of the room service menu, the shaming of a restaurant manager, two apology notes and her new Tier 4 hotel status.  She also reads a listener email from a guy who was being stalked, and the mystery of why dudes used to wear powdered wigs and then why they stopped is solved.

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Jen sits in the All Things Comedy Studio to tell you about a strange day at a coffee shop getting both recognized and pitied but the same person, a secret note of appreciation she got while in a coffee shop, a father and son duo getting kicked off of her plane on 9/11 (this year), and the joy of Andy Warhol’s diary.

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Jen recaps the weekend of shows in Scottsdale, talks about upcoming things, and talks about her soul realization and tears before anesthesia. But mostly the episode is one long cathartic rant telling young people to go live life and stop shaming older people with their stupid article links about things we know about already online and it's ruining the fun of the Internet. 

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Jen sits in the All Things Comedy studio to worry about waking up during her upcoming endoscopy, to tell the story of an annoying bread store employee, a woman on the train who was annoying and then made Jen cry to herself, and a tale of bugs on a NYC subway.

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