Jen sits in bed and dissects a Johnny Mathis song before diving into reading listener emails that lead to talk of unrequited love, waiting for time to pass, golf courses, a Comic-Con visit, Would You Rather, driving with anxiety and horrible fashion trends.

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Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to tell you about her week in New York City, her 17th anniversary of being a stand-up, answers the question of how she started and talks about some badass acting teacher at an otherwise bs college experience.

Direct download: 59_SUPER_MOON_OVER_MANHATTAN.mp3
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Jen sits in bed at a hotel on her vacation to her hometown to talk to you about watching Christmas movies on July 4th in the rain, getting caught singing Alanis by room service, a weekend of “synergy” involving exes, Tinder and a skunked bottle of old wine as well as discusses her gratitude for a future in stand-up after having a writing job for a while and finally reads an email from an Australian listener who thinks he isn’t meditating correctly.

Direct download: 58_CHRISTMAS_IN_JULY.mp3
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about some new tour dates on, a letter from Richard Lewis, dating and the Tasmanian Devil, her parents at a J. Lo concert and tries to stay calm over a long, email critique from a fan.

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Jen sits at home on her couch to talk to you about her “Dave Chapelle Goes To South Africa” moment last weekend on stage, her fantasy of running away to Australia and remembers some legends from her middle school.

Direct download: 56_SEASON_OF_THE_WITCH.mp3
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Jen sits and talks to you live from The Hideout in Chicago! (This was taped Saturday June 7th, 2014 at 7pm.)  Jen discusses her love of Family Feud, calls her mom during a BINGO game, bonds with her sister, discusses a recent bout of hypochondria, is confronted with small talk while buying an iPad charger, tells a true tale of meeting Posh Spice, fields audience questions and discusses how Ann B. Davis (Alice from the Brady Bunch) didn’t like children or cooking in real life.  

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about the fear of a hashtag, announces some new dates for Boston and Dallas, talks over some pleasant Lawrence Welk music and wants to abolish the work week and cubicles.  (This one has 40 minutes of a serious topic and may not be for everyone. Please be kind, listen with empathy and control all urges to send hate. Love, Jen)

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about her gig she’s announcing in at the Bell House in Brooklyn Sept 3rd, turning 40 in Sweden, reads about a teacher who wanted love advice from fourth-graders, reads emails from her mom about Mad Men and has an update on the saga of her neck.

Direct download: 53_TAKING_MY_LUMPS.mp3
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about how Led Zep kicks off summer, a doctor who assumed she had a cat, a mysterious neck lump, a creepy French teacher and reads some I Seem Fun emails.

Direct download: 52_RAMBLE_ON_AND_ON_AND_ON.mp3
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It’s the one year anniversary of the I Seem Fun podcast! Jen sits down to chat to you guys about a man in cream colored pants at the airport, a toothless cabbie, reads answers from the official I Seem Fun Pilot, reads emails from listeners, gives some advice and tells the tale of her awful experience auditioning for a TV show years ago.

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