Jen talks to you about how she doesn’t want to take the cookie off the plane, nobody listening to this podcast is listening, wanting to start over with home decor, walking out of a movie because of ADHD, and no to mind-reading headsets.
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Jen sits in the All Things Comedy Studio to tell you that she literally doesn’t know what her life is but she has to pack accordingly, the truth about Candace, listener emails about debt and Christmas break-ups, and a letter written by Albert Einstein telling Marie Curie to “F the Haters!” I Seem Fun is part of

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Jen sits at home to explain why her favorite place to get her hair blown-out sucks now and how she would make the place better if she were the CEO.  She also tries to figure out why she owns a gallon jar with a spigot, and talks about a doctor who won’t admit Jen had an allergic reaction to a flu shot and insists Jen was bitten by bugs while drinking wine outside. 

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This podcast is a weekly, Friday night bonus installment of “I Seem Fun” where Jen takes a half hour to talk about what happened in pop culture and politics this week that SHE cares about. This week Jen talks about her frustration at the notion that city-folk are “elite”, exposes Rudy’s 9/11 fail, there’s an anti-semite in Trump’s gang, and explains exactly how to effectively contact your representatives, and lists some charities to donate time or money to. 

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about the blackface scene in Bing Crosby's "Holiday Inn" and gives her take on what Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is really about.

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