Jen talks to you about that awkward moment when you meet someone again twenty years later and they are no longer a douche-magoo and so you don’t tell them, “We met, you were a douche magoo.” Jen talks about how people change for the better as they get older - and she talks to her friend, actor Michael McMillian about what they’ve learned recently about how to stay in a tough business, have faith, handle conflict differently, and why being in your twenties is hard af.
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This is the first episode of the newly named podcast Having Funlessness with Jen Kirkman (formerly known as I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast) - this week Jen talks about the time she thought she was going to be a divorced writer perfectly recharging by writing at a beach house that turned out to be a dirty, spider filled guest house with no beach.  Jen gives advice to a listener who wants to know how to recharge out of a life slump.

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Jen talks about sex drugs and rock and roll with her mom in an exclusive interview, and also gives advice to a listener who is moving back in with her parents, a talks about a new book about an unmarried, childfree, lady spy who helped save France from the Nazi’s.

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