Jen sits at home to talk to you about how she’s stressed at the amount of live, laugh, love tchotchkes on earth.  Mimi and Gerald make an appearance.  She talk about how Alex Trebek is scared of #MeToo, tells listeners to please stop feeling bad about her career and is it wrong to drink on a plane or to judge people who do?

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Jen and her friend Allison take to the All Things Comedy Studio to give you all the advice that you asked for about your upcoming holiday dilemmas.  We solve the problems of people who want to avoid telling their mom about their relationship, people who feel sad and single during the holidays, husbands and wives who disagree on when to decorate and people concerned with how they’re messing up their kids. 
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Jen sits at a hotel in San Francisco to talk to you about how Brooklyn is becoming Vegas, smoke inhalation in Northern California at her gigs, more tales of customer service, feeling moved by people taking care of each other, a review of the Queen movie and an article about how Harvard scientists found a spaceship but also it’s not a spaceship.
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Jen sits at home to talk to you about how Thanksgiving decorations aren’t a thing, feeling too old for a job, getting emotional about the goodness in people while handing out candy on Halloween, a listener who has a criticism, an article about mental health that disappoints, and how she doesn’t know what to say because this was recorded before the midterm election.

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