Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to talk to you about file folders, label makers, no escape from bad music, not wanting to log in to write hotel reviews, her birthday, being joyful when it’s all crap, and Christmas 2018. I Seem Fun is part of

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Jen talks about up and coming Hallmark Christmas movie plots, the joy of Epsom salts, singing alters our moods, baths in a time of drought, and it’s psychologically proven that putting up Xmas decorations early can be good for the soul.
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Jen talks to you about her hesitance to listen to the haunted moment in episode 244 and the subsequent journey of having the EVP analyzed, her soul cleansed and what happened to the ghost. Of course the story diverts a few times as Jen vents about people who judge her crush on Billy Bob Thornton.
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Jen opens the I Seem Fun email account and just randomly reads - without pre-screening, emails from listener. There’s talk of not wanting a wedding after getting married, matches, being old, being young, and everyone’s favorite aunt, Jen, teaches you how to make the perfect Jen-X when it’s in the 90’s outside, make a 90’s playlist for summer.
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