Jen first of all asks you to name this episode - details how if you listen - should it be called Why Do Children Sound Like Elephants or Beyond Laughter Into Love. Jen has a mini “I can’t with this” political rant at the top - and after that it’s just talk about Hallmark movies, why toddlers have such heavy feet, and how lovely audiences are in Brooklyn.

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Jen talks to you about not wearing headphones on the subway anymore and what strangers say to her - from comments on face to trying to get her to find Jesus, Jen also reads some listener emails and once and for all tries to figure out when the last two generations begin and end. I Seem Fun is part of

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about her love of war movies but her hatred of other violent movies, inspiring tales of WWII and Titanic survivors, Cary Grant’s therapeutic LSD trips, and does Alex Trebec think he’s better than us?
I Seem Fun is part of

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Jen sits at home and also on stage in this two-in-one- episode to talk to you about car lighters are the new thimbles, no one knows what matches are, listeners giving each other advice, London, and funny emails. I Seem Fun is part of

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