Jen sits at home to explain why her favorite place to get her hair blown-out sucks now and how she would make the place better if she were the CEO.  She also tries to figure out why she owns a gallon jar with a spigot, and talks about a doctor who won’t admit Jen had an allergic reaction to a flu shot and insists Jen was bitten by bugs while drinking wine outside. 

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about her love of watching documentaries about musicians touring, the stupid questions journalists ask, her orthodontist who will never believe in her, there is lamentation about her email blast, grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal and meeting people in the 2000’s that she admired in the 1990’s. 

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Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to talk to you about - well, things she didn’t plan on talking about like what she was going through when she appeared on big late night shows last year, good advice she gave a friend who gave it back to her - about how you “won’t feel this way in a year…”, her TV show idea, how her life is too boring for an instagram story, and how she will be putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween in an act of self-love, and triumph over a Christmas 2016 break-up.
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Jen sits live on stage in front of an audience at the Second City Theatre in Toronto, Canada at the Just For Laughs 42 Festival to talk to you about how she actually had 24 hours of fun, how she thinks she’s realized to try to live in the middle, jobs that let you stay home hungover, flying coach can kill you and American politics sort of.

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