Jen sits at a studio in New York City - during her two day rest period to tell you how the tour is going, why people need to stop being upset that she’s not sight-seeing, kids on scooters in Whole Foods, a certain woman in politics latest book, and a motivational meditation for anyone driving over a bridge.

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Jen sits at home and fails miserably to record the podcast in one sit-down without the phone ringing and having to drop everything for something else. Other than that there is talk of her new necklace line on and, coming home to Boston to tour, listener emails about school superintendents, fears of driving over bridges, and dudes who comment on your fruit.

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OH MY GOD it’s the 200th episode of I Seem Fun and Jen forgot and does nothing specifically special about it - except puts together a totally random episode that is half live show and half at home chat. She talks about her silent retreat, loving a Sugar Ray song in a rental car, how dare Hillary write a book, and the most boring story ever told about changing a flight.

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It’s a special “They Seem Fun” episode of I Seem Fun with Jen’s guest Dr. Drew. They talk about her silent retreat, his background as a doctor, and Jen reveals why some of her year has sucked and how Dr. Drew was a friend during it. THEN after the interview-Jen talks alone for about a half hour to the I Seem Fun audience to debrief what was talked about. And Jen talks about her tour and necklaces.

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