Jen sits at the All Things Comedy Studio waiting for her special guest - and she tells the story of a Santa who called a nine-year-old boy “fat” and the repercussions that followed.

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Jen takes to the All Things Comedy Studio with her special interview guest Jon Cryer. They talk about his fantastic memoir, “So That Happened”, believing in Santa, the concept of masculinity, being “of the theatre”, residual checks, an alternate feminist ending to Pretty in Pink, when expectations are different than outcomes, being loud, dealing with Twitter, what’s next and not next for Jon’s ever expanding, ass-kicking career.

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Jen sits at home to talk about the country being “corrupt af” and how she is wondering if she’s not smart or if the president is like, “I’m done with you people.” She warns listeners about emailing her, she’s a human and no she won’t unblock anyone. Jen also worries that the holiday season is passing her by, reads customer service emails, and talks about Madonna’s recent bad-ass speech. This episode is sponsored by

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Jen interviews her parents and sister about what it was like acting in her new Netflix special “Just Keep Living’?” that premieres worldwide on Netflix, January 3rd, 2017.

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Jen does her first ever podcast while walking the streets of New York City. And the audio is great! She talks about the mysterious military plane that was flying around all day freaking everyone out for no reason. She also discusses holiday lights and the plot of another Hallmark movie - this time it’s about a busy business woman who wishes she was never married.

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Jen sits at home recovering from Norovirus to tell you how not to get Norovirus, why she feels empowered to swing her dick this year, thanks to all who came to the dysfunctional Christmas show, the plot of a Hallmark Movie starring Candace - and a special reading of an essay for gay men and the women in their life.

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This podcast is a weekly, Friday night bonus installment of “I Seem Fun” where Jen takes a half hour to talk about what happened in pop culture and politics this week that SHE cares about. This week Jen talks about how Trump didn’t really save jobs in Indiana without burdening the worker, Rage Rooms are popping up all over the world, The Mall of America has it’s first Black Santa, and some thoughts on the broken promise of the dot-com boom that the office as we know it will be dead. 

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