Jen sits at home to talk to you about people who thinking having dinner with friends is therapy, how she’s proud she used to drink her coffee like an American, a new episode of Dr. Barbara Persons, a reading from the NY Times Sunday Styles Vows Section and what if there was an I Seem Fun dance party? This episode is sponsored by and I Seem Fun is a proud member of the All Things Comedy Network, go to

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Jen sits at home to discuss ADHD, manic furniture purchases, how low beds are depressing, every political party is the Tea Party now, yelling at college kids who don’t know that broke isn’t poor, and a cashier with a stump arm who said a compliment went to her head.

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Jen sits at home to tell you about her love of babies but suspicions of toddlers, why you should go get yourself some candles, the Live Laff Love woman had a Twitter scandal on Mother’s Day, an update on the Prince dream, and we learn a few things about women at the White House Correspondents Dinner and some words that you’re using correctly.

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Jen sits in the tub to talk to you about how the tour went, the proper way to multitask while bathing, being too depressed to get out of bed after a life-altering dream, and yeah more about Prince.

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Jen sits at home to talk to her Los Angeles and San Francisco ISeem Funners about what’s up for this week.  Timesensitive!

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