Except for the three minute intro from Melbourne (Ma, ma, my arm is numb) - Jen recorded this episode mostly in advance to answer emails about how to be a broke vegetarian, how to deal with a toxic work environment involving married bosses, and listeners write in to tell inspirational balding and yes, 9/11 stories. 

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Jen has recorded this episode partly from Sydney (where she discusses their views of Trump and her odd experience in her NZ hotel being held “hostage” by Greenpeace) and then the other part recorded in advance she talks to talk to you about Madonna and her clowning around, the episode also contains some scintillating advice to listener emails about the importance of apartment aesthetics seen in the background of a d-pick, how to get over an ex without hanging going to yoga class with him, and what to do when your white friend on Facebook calls you a racist piece of S?

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Jen walks around her apartment to talk to you about her new pause button, finding it weird when people suggest she hang out with strangers on a solo exploring trip, and why bicycles were revolutionary for women despite people warning that they would get too horny by riding them.

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In what is the weirdest episode of I Seem Fun - Jen starts off in not the greatest of moods and then unknowingly hits pause three minutes in - 40 minutes later after the episode was “recorded” in her mind - she looked down to see, nope. So she decided to commit and power through with what time she had left - only 20 minutes and took the episode in a different direction, got happy and read some listener emails.

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Jen wanders her apartment to talk to you about the Oscars, it’s okay to ask a woman who she is wearing, recording her audio book, an episode of Dr. Barbara Persons, trouble at Starbucks and candle shops.

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