Jen sits at home to talk to you about her cold, the madness that is Elf on a Shelf, campaign donations, a certain news-channel is ruining people’s Christmas, and couples on planes acting like it’s Paris on a spring day.

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Jen sits at home on the couch to record an episode after one got deleted.  She talks about overhearing dudes bonding, not knowing how to use a wine cork, a guy who usually flies first class, why Christmas should be a good time for the depressed, and why is Christmas turning into Valentine’s Day?

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about creativity, how to get started in anything, how nothing is ever finished, figuring out why people laugh, and we re-visit the very first episode of I Seem Fun in the spirit of looking back on just starting something and letting it take on a life of it’s own. Happy Thanksgiving, Just Keep Livin’.

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Jen sits in bed, to talk to you about how she’s neglected her listener emails to the I Seem Fun Gmail Account. Topics covered from listeners are outrage culture, harassment, organizing in autumn, a new sociologist I Seem Fun helper, a guy who isn’t a stalker but seems like one, and where have the pilots been?

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about her nodule progress, Hallmark Christmas movies, putting her tree up on Friday the 13th, Thanksgiving week, heading to London, and annoying elevator conversations about how much stuff she’s holding.

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Jen sits at home, in bed, to talk to you about how she hates when people ask about weekends, boring exorcisms, being the only one to show up for class, stomach aches, rotten wet kale, angels, devils, sex in Hell, Halloween, and how witch means gynecologist. 

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Jen sits at home - (she’s back!) - to talk to you about a forgotten disco hit, an update on vocal therapy, her parents at a Ringo Starr concert, getting in trouble for a tattoo, her voting record, and a recent Hollywood bullshit experience.

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Jen sits at home, on a thirty-minute I Seem Fun episode, to talk to you about how the episodes will be shorter during the vocal repair journey, Home Depot employees, it’s either nothing or cancer, bistro lights, handymen, and organizing. This episode brought to you by Casper Mattress

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Jen sits live on stage from the LA Podfest in Beverly Hills to talk to the audience about her vocal nodules, a mass email to friends, Hugh Hefner's control issues, dissing an old classmate, and reads a listener email about the myth of the vacation. 

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