Jen sits in bed to talk to you about why she rejected Sex & The City when she was a NYC resident, crazy roommates, 9/11 and then takes to analyzing the proposals in the New York Sunday Times "Vows" section.

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Jen sits in bed to talk to you about what isn't "celebrity," high school friends she's offended, a woman who got mean at a book signing and gifts from strangers.

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Jen has big thoughts on Customer Service and she is a friend of the worker. Jen was a waitress, cashier, someone who stuffed chocolates in a tin, a ticket taker, a barista and so many other things in life. This is back when you had to make eye contact, not mumble and not engage in small talk. There's a tale of an aggressive yogurt parfait, the joy of complaint letters and life lessons from the fastest cashier from 1988.

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There isn't a hook. Jen talks into a microphone. By herself. It's stream of consciousness with a point. It's like this - Jen wants to talk to you so that you know who she is. Then we can go from there. It's an easy and free thing to do for thoughts that are too long to tweet and ideas that aren't quite yet stand-up or other things. It's your friend leaving you a REALLY LONG voicemail message - hopefully an enteraining one.

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