Jen sits at home, on a thirty-minute I Seem Fun episode, to talk to you about how the episodes will be shorter during the vocal repair journey, Home Depot employees, it’s either nothing or cancer, bistro lights, handymen, and organizing. This episode brought to you by Casper Mattress

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Jen sits live on stage from the LA Podfest in Beverly Hills to talk to the audience about her vocal nodules, a mass email to friends, Hugh Hefner's control issues, dissing an old classmate, and reads a listener email about the myth of the vacation. 

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about a hotel fail in San Diego, the Burrito Man hates war, making room for RUSH (the band), and comedian David Quirk joins for a discussion about dropping offensive jokes and being called out. There is a trigger warning in this episode for the second half.

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Jen sits at home in bed to podcast to you for the last time as a 40 year old as she babbles about her plan to be a “widow”, how she can’t quite seem to manage getting to have that vacation she keeps planning, and an old man and his cheese.

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Jen sits at home to talk to you about enjoying talking in movie theaters, Billy Idol is better live than the Black Keys, a moral dilemma to bleep,wandering around cafes and reads listener emails from a depressed woman and a teacher whose students kick him.

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ISF Memo for 8/12/15

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Jen talks to you from her bedroom in L.A. about how “cooking” dinner is her vacation, explains the real life Live Laugh Love women in her life, talks to her dad on the phone as he reviews a Marilyn Manson/Smashing Pumpkins concert that he saw, then talks to her mom who after seeing Boy George live in concert, has decided that she’s “all about love.”

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Jen sits on stage live from the Montreal Comedy Festival to talk about how she isn't the biggest Bruce fan, John Mellencamp's cigarette habit and love life, and her trip to the Canadian ER for actual dehydration, exhaustion and how she just said no to morphine.

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